Dear friends, supporters and practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda,
we remind you that the registration to World Yoga and Ayurveda Community is TOTALLY FREE.
We have registrered almost 400 persons from 48 countries: you can see them by going to the official website of the World Community
Anyone can join the World Yoga and Ayurveda Community for free today, as already pointed out.
The most important requirement, however, is the moral and ethical aspects which may be the main deterrent in case of doubtful morality.
Anyone wishing to join the World Yoga and Ayurveda Community is invited, therefore, to send us his credentials
(pictures in passport size, C.V., phone number, website addres, if you have one, email ID) filling out the following form
These data will be published on the website of the World Yoga and Ayurveda Community.

The World Yoga and Ayurveda Community will continue to give free support to events and activities at international level.

Swami Suryananda Saraswati (Amadio Bianchi-Italy)
(Founder Member of World Yoga and Ayurveda Community)

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As already described, the registration to the "WORLD YOGA AND AYURVEDA COMMUNITY" is totally free.
We will not take any responsibility for the truthfulness of the data you send us.
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