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Ahmed Shariif


Ahmed Shariif, one of the leading reputed prominent best Yoga-Meditation Teacher-Therapist-Trainer and Naturopathic Holistic Health Coach from Quantum Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh, has been practicing yoga since his school life. Ahmed Sharif has learnt Yoga, Meditation and Quantum Method-The Science of Living from renowned Bangladeshi Guru Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq and Majee Nahar El Bukhari. Afterwards he gathered knowledge about meditation, NLP, yoga, naruropathy and holistic health from different International Institutions. He joined Quantum Method Meditation Course & Yoga foundation in 1997 and has been teaching yoga and mindfulness institutionally. Apart from conducting regular yoga courses of Quantum Foundation, as a Stress Management Trainer, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Life Style Coach, Wellness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Meditation Counselor, Diet and Nutrition promoter and Naturopathic Guide, Ahmed Shorif also conducts different kinds of Yoga-Meditation Training, Wellness Sessions, Workshops and Seminars in different Corporate Offices, Administrative and Commercial Offices, School-College-Universities and others Educational Institutions, Government, Semi-Government, Non-Government Institutions at national and international levels.


Contact : +8801713392558, +8801715802125 Email : Website : en/list/news/quantum-yoga


Lau Wan Shun Dickson


Dickson Lau is the Chairman and Chief Master of Hong Kong Yoga Association. He is one of the most highly respected yoga instructors in HK and has taught yoga for over 20 years. He started yoga since childhood and after years of exploration and practice, he has developed his own unique style of yoga by combining kung fu, sport science and the best of a diverse of yoga disciplines which he named as Dickson Yoga.

Dickson established the Hong Kong Yoga Association in 1994. Its mission is to promote yoga and expand the yoga community


Noah Lee


Director of Noa Therapy Pty Ltd., Award: Sydney Morning Herald – “Best Massage”, ATMS Member (Australian Traditional-Medicine Society), STAA Member (Shiatsu Therapy of Australia Association), P.G. Physical Education, P.E. Undergraduate, Bachelor degree in Physical Psychology, diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Aroma Therapy, Diploma of Reflexology, Certificate of Shiatsu Therapy, Senior First Aid. Author of two books, Massage and Stretching, Sports Massage.


Dr. Roohallah Bay


Bachelor (Counseling Psychology) Allameh Tabatabaei University of Tehran-Iran – (2003), Master (Family Psychology) Allameh Tabatabaei University of Tehran-Iran – (2005), M.Phil(Sextherapy) Baghiatallah Medical Sciences University of Tehran. Iran. Ph.D (Neuro-Psychology) Zoroastrian College (OIUCM)-India – (2009), Post Doc (Sex-therapy) University Sains Malaysia (USM)

Area of Interest:

Sexual Problem-Gender Study-Sexual health- Psycho-Physiological Therapy- Exercise Therapy- Stretch Therapy- Yoga Therapy-Family Psychology –Marital and Couple Therapy- Alternative Medicine- sport Psychology

Research Interest:

Sexual Problem-Gender Study-Sexual health- Psycho-Physiological Therapy- Exercise Therapy- Stretch Therapy- Yoga Therapy- Family Psychology – Marital and Couple Therapy- Alternative Medicine- sport Psychology.


Tel. +98-9372673351



Shirly Goldestein


Ashtanga Yoga teacher of 600 hours certificate, with knowledge and practical experience gained both through studying, next to very well known teachers in London and usa, and teaching. SHIRLY GOLDSTEIN- Workshops with leading teachers including among others Prana Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea, Asthanga Yoga with john scott,'david swenson and Richard Freeman. Her style comes from a “karma” gained through experience and emphasizing in the taste (rasa), energy (prana) of each class and mood (bhava) of each students.


Tel. +972 050 8833202


Naty Shteiner


Is acertified Yoga Teacher since 1996. Graduated from “Sivananda”, Canada. Specializes in Yoga for Children, Baby yoga e,Shantalamassage, Family Yoga and creative movement for children.

Naty has been teaching yoga to children ages 2 to12 years since 1997. She provides a wide range of programs and projects in a variety of settings, including primary schools, kindergartens, and preschools. Naty’s unique approach includes teachers and parents as an essential component of her programs and she encourages their involvement and participation. Naty has been serving as a teacher trainer and a mentor since 2000, facilitating training workshops for professional educators through "Yoga for children and Baby yoga in Israel. Education and Credentials: Master in Education from the Yoga Institute Yoga Educational School -(Italian Yoga Federation) 2010-2012

Luria Aviva


14 years expirience and practice of yoga; 3 years expirience of ayurvedic practice, massage & treetements; 9 years  practice of teaching yoga for children of diferent ages; from 1.5 years old until high-school age; 13 years expirience learning & teaching yoga (last 10 years intensive teaching); 8 years expirience teaching yoga for elder population (average age of 80, 6 lessons a week); 3 years of work expiriience in TV mass productions –channel one,  programs for preschoolars children and older ones; 18 years of practicing and performing music – piano practice and vocal intensive practice; 5 years of practicing "child's space" method with babies, mothers & babies

Tel. +972-54-8191342


Noa Sharon


*14 years expirience and practice of yoga

* 9 years  practice of teaching yoga for children of diferent ages; from 3 years old until high-school

* 14 years expirience learning & teaching yoga (last 9 years intensive teaching)

* 9 years practicing Feldenkrise method.

* 5 years of practicing "child's space" method with babies, mothers & babies

* many years of expriance workin with children

* 3 years arts practicing and studding

1987-1996 - public school

1996-1997 – Scouts movement instructor training

1996-1999 - arts school

1996 - Reiki 1. Course

1996-2005 - General studies and Yoga practice in different methods and teachers:

-Hata yoga with different teachers during the years

-Ashtanga method (in Tel Aviv, Israel)

- Hata yoga and Tibetan meditation (in N.Y)

- yoga and meditation curse (Guatemala)

- Kundalini yoga ( barzeloina)

- Sivananda method with Sivananda teacher in Ghokarna, India

- Sharat – Ayengar course in Dharmsala, Kriya yog & Hatha yoga with

- one month intensive ayurvedic cleaning and meditation with Reza j (daramsala)

2005-2007 - Yoga Teacher Training course,Tel Aviv "Inner sound" school of Brighu yoga education DIPLOMA OF YOGA TEACHER INTERN IN SPECIFIC STUDIES OF YOGA FOR POPULATION WITH SPECIALL NEEDS-SPECIAL EDUCATION instructed by Dr. Udi Bilu master in YOGA & Feldenkrais method.

2008 intensive yoga curse in Varanasi with Sri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri

2007-2013 - continuing studies & practice of hatha yoga & Brighu Yoga in the brighu yoga school under the teaching of Dr.udi bilu and Shivu Shamkar Tripoti.

2011- Advanced course for master in Brigu yoga



Tel. +972503966606



Dominic Savio


Pachakarma Therapist-One Year Course(from Ashraya Ayurveda Nature Cure Holistic-Hospital&Panchakarma Institute). Working Experience : 15 + Years in The Respective Field.(Still Continuing in Malaysia).

Ayurveda Therapist cum massage trainer - Sri Raghavendra Siddha&Kerala Ayurveda Centre, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia , 2011 Oct to Still Continuing; Masseur - Jonson’s Medical Centre,Burdubai,Dubai, from 2007 Jun to 2008 July; Masseur - Varna Herbal Centre, Finishing Point,Alleppy,Kerala,India from 2005 Mar to 2007 May; Panchakarma Therapist - Sreerams Ayurveda Panchakarma Specialty Hospital,Valacode,Punalur,Kerala,India from 2004 Aug to 2005 Feb; Panchakarma Therapist - Ashraya Naturopathy Ayurveda Centre,Chaliakara,Maramon,Kerala,India from 2003 Jun to 2004 July; Panchakarma Therapist - Villivaru&Biadoo Island Resorts, Maldives from 2001 Jan to 2003 April; Panchakarma Therapist - Marari Beach Resorts,Mararickulam,Kerala,indiaPlace from 1998 Jan to 2000 Dec.


Mobile:0060 166 929 649


Jason Isaac Collar


I have studied various yoga courses with Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) and Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI) both of which registered with the Ministry of Education Malaysia, National Association of Private Education Institutions, Malaysia (NAPEI) and Human Resources Development Fund, Malaysia (HRDF). Through teaching Yoga, I have the rare privilege of leading people back to themselves – out of their busy minds and back into their bodies, turning into the body intelligence we all possess. I look forward to incorporating this ancient Indian practice into my teaching.


I am a relentless person, curious about human beings, dog-eared, have a wicked sense of humor and a firm believer of anything goes, who is able to hit the ground and run, and most importantly getting things done.


Email :

Mani Sekaran


Master Manisekaran, the founder of Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) and Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI), has 33 years experience in yoga and is one of the world’s leading exponents of yoga. He propagates some of the most effective yogic training, adhering to the age old techniques and possesses in depth knowledge of psychology, yoga therapy, the healing sciences, yogic philosophy and the meditative science. He is also a master trainer of Ayurvedic Bodyworks and traditional Ayurveda; and also an exponent in the secret art of Varma (Marma) vital points immobilisation and resuscitation (used in self defense, as well as therapy), which is the mother of all martial arts.


Tel: +6 03 2260 5322



Shahbaz Ali Khan


Founder & President of Pakistan Yoga Federation, Natural Life Style (Yoga & Nature Cure) Pakistan and Pakistan Yoga Olympic Committee.

He is practicing as Yoga Teacher and Therapist for fifteen years.

First Disciple of Acharya Gupta Mohan Ji (Founder of Natural Life Style) in Pakistan, Yoga & Physical Education Teacher in Beaconhouse School System Lahore. He provides free online yoga & nature cure classes


Mobile/WhatsApp No. 0092300627574





Saudi Arabia

Muneerah Al-Shaneefi


(Saudi Yoga and Fitness), currently write weekly articles dealing with health and fitness for Sayyidaty magazine and Conduct lectures and seminars on health and fitness at numerous health institutes, schools, and organizations in Saudi Arabia.

In 1997 was Head of Fitness Department at Prince Salman Social Center, in1999: Head of Fitness Department at Habib Medical Center, in 2000: Head of Fitness Department at A-Rathawiya Medical Center,in 2001: Teacher of Physical Education at Al-Mamlaka Schools, from 1997 to 2003: was Fitness columnist for Al-Iqtisaddiyah weekly.


Yograttan Dev Kapil


World Champion (2008-9) Master Yograttan Dev Kapil hails from a line of distinguished Yogis -His Father Shri M.R Pareek and his Grandfather Yogiraj Rishikesh Shastri, a renowned astrologer and Vedic scholar. He has also studied under  renowned masters Guru "Veet raag Tapomurti Brahmrishi Danditt Swami Laksheshwarashramji ", Yogacharyani Krishnamurthi , and Yoga Arjuna Awardee. Master Dev holds Diplomas in Naturopathy and a Masters degree in Yogic Science. He also has extensive knowledge of Ayuveda and Astrology. As evidence of his strong commitment and passion for yoga, Master Dev retained the title of National Yoga Champion in India for 17 consecutive years. In recognition of his significant efforts to uplift and popularize yoga among the masses, the Government in India awarded him the title of "Yogarattan". Master Dev clinched the World Champion title at the Bishnu Gosh World Yoga Championship organized by the World Yoga Foundation held in Los Angeles in 2009. Currently based in Singapore, Master Dev is the Director of Tatva Yoga and the International Institute of Yogic Science(IIYS). He teaches and runs workshops/retreats internationally in Asia, Europe and USA.

Vasanthi Pillay


Vasanthi Pillay is the Founder and President of the Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS).  Her keen interest in Ayurveda was sparked in 2001 when she personally experienced the benefits of Ayurveda in healthcare in the area of prevention, management and cure of diseases. Since then she has honed her knowledge and skills in Ayurveda by pursuing leading courses and research relating to the subject. As her interest developed into a passion, she inspired a team of Ayurvedic enthusiasts, practitioners and doctors to form the Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS) in 2009.

Vasanthi is also the Founding Director of Innergy Ayurveda and Yoga Pte Ltd which provides education and training in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga.

The dual goals of AAOS and Innergy, are to educate specialist groups and the general public on the scientific aspects of Ayurveda as well as to work with relevant authorities in setting standards and regulations for Ayurveda and Traditional Indian Medicines (TIM) in Singapore.

Vasanthi has teamed up with several organisations to elucidate the scientific elements of Ayurveda and Yoga and to promote the therapeutic benefits of these sciences.  She is a highly sought after speaker and has delivered numerous public talks and workshops in Singapore and Asia. Some of the organisations include the National Parks Board, the National Heritage Board, Peranakan Museum, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, University of Las Vegas Nevada (Singapore), the Singapore General Hospital, Ang Mo Kio Hospital, the Sleep Society of Singapore as well as some Community Centers (CC). She has also been invited to speak at various private events in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Macau, Shanghai and Taiwan. Vasanthi travels to Taiwan regularly to conduct Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Nutrition courses for doctors and nurses of Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital.

Vasanthi has been awarded the “Dharma Award for Excellence” in promoting the scientific awareness of Ayurveda by the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (USA) and has been appointed as the Singapore Coordinator for the World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) held biannually in India.

In 1995 she obtained her “Yoga Teacher’s Certificate” from the SVYASA Yoga University in Bangalore (India) and has been teaching therapeutic yoga since then. Vasanthi trains Yoga teachers and conducts “Yoga Teachers’ Training Certificate Course” offered by the renowned Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (IHST) formally known as the Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (I-AIM) in Bangalore, India. IHST is a leading organisation in Ayurvedic Research.

Vasanthi holds a Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore (NUS)), Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (University of New South Wales (Australia)) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)). She is also a Faculty Member of IHST and sits on the academic committee of the Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy. Vasanthi was also appointed as a Researcher with the Beijing Academy of Holistic and Wellness Medicine.

She has been working in several multinational companies in Singapore and Australia before pursuing her passion in Ayurveda and Yoga.


Tel. +65 6638 1544  /


Sri Lanka

Mr. Chaminda Asiri Wellala


Chaaminda  Presently will conduct Individual Yoga Classes only in Colombo area.

He have planned to establish : Yoga Ashram, Yoga training School , Yogic cure therapy treatment Hospital, Yoga Publications Center, Yoga Cultural Center, in Hill Country, Sri lanka.

Tel. +94-075-7114322 / +94-11-2418519



Daniel Fonseca


Daniel is a Yoga Educator, Co-Founder and Headmaster of Wise Living Yoga Academy. He lived in India for 7 years, full time studying, practicing and teaching Yoga. He is now, along with my wife Jeenal Mehta, settled in Chiang Mai. He has also been traveling through South Asia conducting Yoga Teacher Training Courses & Yoga Workshops. Visit our website and blog to see the news & pictures of our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Thailand and information on our new Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. What Daniel has to say, in few words, about Yoga: “Yoga is the training and control of the whole human personality. One has to start from the body, which is more gross and available. Next, one moves further deeper inside, using the breath. Eventually thoughts and feelings will also be available”. As a dedicated practitioner, in his classes Daniel inspires the yoga aspirants with precise instructions originated from insights of his own practice. Expect from his classes fun filled comments on Yoga philosophy and helpful advice on how to start or progress with your training. Summary of Résumé: Certified Yoga Teacher & Therapist from The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India - / - Certified Yoga Instructor from SVYASA, Bangalore, India - / - E-RYT (500) Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours - / - Diploma in Buddhist Studies & Vipassana Meditation by University of Mumbai, India - / - Bachelor Degree in Tourism by PUC Minas, Brazil.


Phone: +66 825467995


Jeenal Mehta


Jeenal Mehta Fonseca is the Co-founder and Director of Wise Living Yoga Academy and has been conducting Yoga Teacher Training courses & Workshops in India, South Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali) and South America (Brazil) along with her husband Daniel Fonseca. From young age she is studying and applying the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga in her life. Now she is actively training several clients with challenging history of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and postural disorders, etc. She is also a motivating counsellor for weight management, stress, anxiety, depression and other life problems. She has also been a successful trainer to clients for anti-smoking and an addiction-free lifestyle. She is a passionate animal and nature lover and teaches Yoga to spread ecological awareness and vegetarianism amongst the people. She is motivated by Mahatma Gandhi and such personalities and aims to bring sustainable development in the society and especially to the younger generation through Yoga. She is also a faculty teacher at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai which is the world's oldest Yoga organization.


Phone: +66 931783213



Bora  Ercan


Bora Ercan was born in Izmir. He lives in Istanbul. He is the founder and coordinator of Hariom and Om Yoga Schools in Istanbul. He has been travelling almost all the Asia, Europe and Africa for years. He is the writer of three books on India, Tibet andMediterranean Islands. He also made two yoga DVDs. Bora started practising meditation 25 years ago. Over the past ten years he has been practising and teaching hatha yoga. He used to stay in many ashrams in India.


Tel. 00905337638267


Isabelle Bacquenois - Sannyasi Yogapushpa


Sannyasin Yogapushpa- Isabelle is the founder of the Yunus Emre farm, Yogic Ecological farm, in South Turkey near Antalya. She is French and born in 1959 in France. After having been flying as bush pilot then airline pilot around the world, she discovered Yoga in 1999, met her Spiritual Master Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2001 and her whole life changed for the best! In 2001 she underwent the 4 months certificate course in Yogic Studies, in Bihar Yoga Bharati (in Munger India) under the guidance of Swami Niranjan. Then she spent several months in India, serving in different places, travelling in some sacred locations or ashrams. She received Sannyas initiation on 25 december 2002 and since then tries to follow humbly this difficult path of self knowledge and self evolution where each and every experience of life may be considered as a sparkle of teaching. In 2003 she came back to France, in the BijaYogashram where she served and started the full Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training course (3 and half long year course). In 2004, she had to go back to the world where her pilot life waited for her. Some more years in the aviation world, time to be lead to Turkey, country of Mevlana and Yunus Emre, Sufi Masters and Poets, and ultimately she settled down, created the Yunus Emre farm and let aviation quit her for good, in 2008. She founded the Yunus Emre farm as a project dedicated to Mother Nature, and to the next generations who will have to manage the world... The farm’s design is – as far as possible using the powerful tools of permaculture and the farm transmits the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga by organising seminars, programs, retreats. Yogapushpa- Isabelle lives all year in the farm, and is also giving yoga classes and programs in Yoga Studyo Antalya, yoga center that she founded in 2013 in Antalya.

On the 12 september 2012 yet, due to a terrible forest fire, the farm has been almost entirely destroyed. Only the yoga places were remaining :o) Since this time, the struggle and challenge are high to rebuild the farm. Yet, slowly slowly and with the help of all friends of the Yunus Emre farm around the world, things happen. More updated information to be found in the websites of the farm.


telephone (turkey) 90 531 512 09 28 (Mobile only)


United Arab Emirates (UAE)



Diploma in SPA Therapy, Inspa Calicut Kerala India, in the year 2009-2011; Ayurveda Panchakarma course (from sanjeevani pachakarma health society 2005 to 2006)

Five year experience in Kerala center as a therapist (Ayurveda and spa therapy center in Moscow Russia from Dec,2006 to July 2011); one year experience in Greens Ayur Hospital as a therapist (May ,2005 to April , 2006 ); one year experience in Indira Gandhi Co-operative hospital as a therapist (from July , 2004 to May , 2005 ); last three year I am specializing for cervical problems (from Moscow).

Possess seven years of professional experience in Message Therapy; extensive knowledge of Swedish massage, Aroma massage, Chair massage, side-lying massage and deep tissue massage, Lomi Lomi; ability to maintain good relationship with clients; In-depth knowledge of Ayurveda therapy, reflexology, and spa services; possess good organizational and time-management skills; good command over English language; ability to perform tasks quickly in an efficient manner; knowledge of basic operating tools like MS Excel, MS Word, power point and Internet Explorer; ability to conduct multiple tasks and work under pressure; In-depth knowledge of human body and twelve different body systems; attention to detail and ability to maintain a highly hygienic environment.




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