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Nouhou Idrissa


Started to practice yoga only in 2006 in occasion of Silver Jubilee of the International Art of Living Foundation receiving, on this occasion, a good education on pranayama, bhastrika sudarshan kriya, meditation and pancakosha. He is Corrispondent of World Movement for Yoga in Cameroon and he helps to spread yoga in Africa in neighboring countries.


Yoftahe Manyazewal


President of Rotaract Club of Wodiamado 2015/16

Founder & CEO @ Khul; Creating Possibilities

Personal & Organizational Development Trainings firm

Founder & Director of Youth Leadership platform SHEGA Fest for Greatness

Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor & Personal Dev't Trainer

+251 913 280 088


Sakhria Mourad


Sakhria Mourad started to practise Yoga when he was 14 and now he is teacher. He practised Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation. He also practised Martial Arts where he achieved the 7th Dan and he hold three world records.

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